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September 11, 2011 / Happy Skywalker

How a Sleep Cage is Awesome

Conure's bedroom.

Doug having awake time in his sleep cage.

Sleep cages are smaller cages in the bedroom or somewhere other than where the main cage is kept that your bird spends limited time in, basically just after they’ve been put to bed and before you wake them up in the morning.

What’s so awesome about that?

  • It’s a change of environment, dedicated to rest so your bird is more likely to settle down and get to dreaming, because he knows that’s why he’s there.
  • Also it means that every morning and every night, your Sweet Featherball gets to be handled at least twice as he or she moves from night time accommodations to the day cage. Ideally, they get hours and hours of free time in the house, and get to go out on a walk with you too, but for the days that you work 12 hours or feel sick and sleep through most of the day, this brings some change of pace to your bird’s scenery.
  • The sleep cage doesn’t need to be big, in fact small is great. This means it’s a natural choice to double as a travel cage.
  • The main reason I use a sleep cage is that I know that in an emergency, if I need to run out of the house in the middle of the night, my beloved companion is portable and in a predictable location, with a cage cover over him that is potentially keeping out smoke that could asphyxiate him.
  • Your sweet whistler, singer, talker, or mumbler will be where you can hear his or her morning exultations and late night ramblings. To me this is pure joy.
Having the little cage in the bedroom is also nice when I’m hanging out in there because Dougo has somewhere to explore and forage while I fold sheets or whatever I might be up to.
For most people, they start with a cage that is really too small for their bird to spend workdays in. A sleep cage is a natural use to put your smaller cage to when you acquire the bigger cage you bird needs for daytime dwelling.
The sleep cage with a cover on it

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